1.  Commission and charges:
  2. 15% + VAT for Antique & Collector’s Sale
    17% + VAT for General & Collector’s Sale
    1% + VAT Damage & Loss Warrany
    £10 + VAT Administration charge per consignment/statement
    Lotting fee, £2 + VAT per lot
    These charges are inclusive of all usual expenses at the sale involving; the printing of catalogues and posters, advertising, proper display, porterage and other incidental expenses, but do not include; illustrations, electrical testing, rubbish disposal, delivery and removals to and from our saleroom premises, internet work or any other special charges.
  3. If you are not able to deliver your items yourselves, we will be happy to make arrangements for collection, if required, the cost of which will be deducted from your sale statement. On  no account will delivery be accepted of useless sundries, poor quality and faulty items, whether or not they appear on the list overleaf.
  4. Regulations: Soft furnishings, electrical items and any other type of goods that are now covered by the ever-increasing government and European regulations, must comply, otherwise they will be rejected or sent for rubbish disposal, without further notice.
  5. Lotting: We reserve the right to catalogue and display all items in the manner we think best.
  6. Reserves: All items are considered to be without reserve and for sale to the highest bidder. Reserves placed upon any item must be agreed with the auctioneers and then only if the lot warrants it and the reserve figure is not prohibitive. A commission of 12% (inclusive of VAT) of the reserve price may be charged should the item remain unsold. Vendors who attend the sale and bid on their own goods (without the prior knowledge of the auctioneer), resulting in unsold goods, may be subject to the full charges and commission rate of the highest bid reached (see charges above).
  7. Unsold goods: Lots failing to reach their reserve will not be offered a second time (unless a special arrangement has been made with the auctioneer) and must be removed from the saleroom immediately after the sale. Goods that do not attract any bid what-so-ever and remain unsold, may be considered unsaleable and disposed of after the sale without further notice, for which a charge may be raised.
  8. Conditions of sale: These are as stated in the catalogue and displayed in the auction rooms.
  9. Vendor’s check lists & statements: Vendor’s check lists for antiques and collectable sales (Monday Sales) will be sent to each vendor about 5 days prior to sale. Vendor’s check lists for modern General Sales (Saturday Sales) will not be sent at all. Vendor’s statements with cheques will be sent about 2-3 weeks after the sale.



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