Antique & Collectors Sale Monday 19th February at 10 a.m.

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1.      A Large Asian Silver Bowl with repoussé decorated scenes of dancers, engraved mark to base, 892g, 25 cm diam. £320-380
2.      A Cambodian Silver Pepper and Salt £35-55
3.      Two Maltese .917 Silver Model Boats, largest c. 17 cm long £80-140
4.      A George III Silver Cream Jug with repoussé decoration of swan and hair coursing, London 1748, Benjamin West, 85 g, 9 cm tall £80-120
5.      A Chinese Silver Doll's House Miniature Tea Set with tray, Luen Hing, 49 g tray 6 cm diam. £70-100
6.      An Eighteenth Century Norwegian Silver Beaker with chased foliate decoration, 33 g, 52 mm high £55-75
7.      An Elkington Electrotype Card Case decorated with a central reserve of putti and ram in a foliate border £120-160
8.      An Elizabeth II Silver and Gilt Set of Six Wine Cups engraved in commemoration of the Queen opening the New Stock Exchange 1972 and with the Latin motto DICTUM MEUM PACTUM, London 1973, Mappin & Webb, 1212 g £400-450
9.      A William IV Silver Soup Ladle, London 1831, RC, 196 g £100-140
9A.     A George V Silver and Tortoise Shell 8 Day Strut Clock, Birmingham 1929, 17.5 cm £50-80
10.     An Indo Chinese Silver Cane Finial, 100 g, 23 cm £40-60
11.     A Pair of Indian Silver Salad Servers, 137 g £40-60
12.     Two Silver Bird Finials, cockerel with A.B.D import marks, 61 g £60-80
13.     An Edward VII Silver Backed Hand Mirror, Birmingham 1904 £50-65
14.     An Edward VII Silver Ink Blotter, Birmingham 1903 £20-30
15.     A George VI Set of Four Silver Match Box Holders with engine turned decoration and initial K, London 1937, SJ Rose & Son, 72 g £55-75
16.     A George V Silver Caddy Spoon, Sheffield 1913, Georgian silver mustard and salt spoons etc £25-40
16A.    A George V Silver Vesta with chased foliate scroll decoration Birmingham 1920 W.H.S. and Albert with compass, silver spoon and three pocket watches £50-70
17.     Two French Pots, 361 g £70-100
18.     A George V Silver Coin Set and Pierced Basket with foliate decoration, Chester 1910, George Nathan & Ridley Hayes, 249 g £80-120
19.     A George V Silver Pepper Grinder, Birmingham 1932, John Grinsell & Sons £40-60
20.     A Victorian Silver Dredger or Pepper, Birmingham 1888, Haseler Bros., 48 g £30-45
21.     A French Silver 'Everlasting' Match Strike £20-30
22.     A George V Silver Teapot, London 1930, Harrods Ltd. Richard Woodmore Burbridge, 734 g £280-340
23.     A Victorian Silver Teapot, London 1898, Mappin & Webb, 307 g £120-160
24.     A George V Silver Teapot standing on lion paw feet with gadrooned waist and foliate border, London 1915, Lambert & Co., 895 g £380-440
25.     A Victorian Silver Teapot, Sheffield 1899, Joseph Rogers & Sons, 679 g £280-340
26.     A Set of Georg Jensen Silver Servers, London 1930 import marks, 74 g £150-200
27.     An Edward VII Silver Teapot, Birmingham 1905, Jones & Crompton, 501 g £200-250
28.     A Georgian Silver Teapot with embossed foliate scroll decoration, London 1801, Peter, Ann & William Bateman, 491 g NO BIDDING FROM COUNTRIES WHERE IVORY IMPORTATION IS ILLEGAL (N.B. This has ivory insulators which we can remove for shipping to countries where ivory is illegal). £260-320
29.     A Chinese Silver Sugar Bowl with applique bird and foliate decoration, 234 g £220-260
30.     A Silver Mounted Presentation Batton: Presented to Jos. Robinson by The Members of The Elswick Road WESLYAN BAND OF HOPE...1876' in a mother of pearl and marquetry inlaid case, case 64 cm long £50-80
31.     An Indian Silver Twenty Piece Cased Cruet Set profusely decorated with foliate work £650-850
32.     An Early Continental Silver Box, the hinged cover set with amethyst and with a 'hidden' gilt lined compartment to base £150-200
33.     A Scottish George V Silver Sauce Boat, Edinburgh 1926, Hamilton & Inches, 122 g £35-55
34.     A Victorian Silver Rectangular Hinged Box Birmingham 1900, small silver pierced dish and two charms, 103 g £35-55
35.     A George V Silver Creamer and Sugar, London 1919, Mappin & Webb, 220g £45-60
36.     Sterling Silver Cruets and spoons, 144 g £30-55
37.     A Cased Set of Sterling Silver Cake Forks, 114 g £20-30
38.     A Cased Set of George V Silver Tea Spoons and sugar tongs, Sheffield 1922, C.B & S, 85 g £25-35
39.     A Scottish Silver Serving Spoon marked TAIN A.S and other Scottish silver flatware, 114 g £35-55
39A.    A George V Cased Silver Backed Six Part Mirror & Brush Set with engine turned decoration, Birmingham 1924, R & Co. £40-70
40.     A Selection of Costume Jewellery including enamel and micro mosaic £25-45
41.     An Edward VII Silver and Enamel Hat Pin in the form of a bird in flight and a Japanese Satsuma mounted hat pin decorated with chrysanthemums £50-70
42.     A Boxed Mikimoto Graduated Pearl Necklace, 48 cm, 13.5 g, largest c. 7mm £50-70
42A.    A 9K White and Yellow Gold Diopside and Diamond Pendant, 1.8 cm drop and on 9ct chain, 1.6g £80-140
42B.    A 9ct Gold Sapphire and Diamond Tear Drop Pendant, 22mm drop and on 9ct chain, 2.2g £90-140
42C.    An 18ct Gold and Diamond Pendant, 9mm drop and on 9ct chain, 1g £100-140
43.     A Boxed Mikimoto Pearl Necklace, 40 cm, 20.8 g, c. 6mm diam. £150-200
43A.    A Twin Strand Pearl Necklace with 9ct gold clasp, graduated pearl necklace with silver clasp and synthetic pearls £50-80
43B.    A Selection of Seven Old Cut Stones (2.2ct): 0.42, .28, .26, .25, .16, .36, .26, .14 £400-500
43C.    A 0.75ct Cognac Diamond £300-350
44.     A Baker's Pointer 9ct Gold Pencil in case, 27.7g £80-120
45.     A 1982 Proof Sovereign with COA £250-300
46.     A 9ct Gold Sovereign Mount on chain, 10.8g £120-150
47.     A Georg Jensen Danish Silver Bangle £250-300
48.     An Art Nouveau 9ct Gold and Peridot Pendant, Birmingham 1910, HM, 2.6 g £50-70
48A.    A 9ct Gold Framed Shell Cameo Brooch decorated with bust of female, 13.2g gross £60-80
49.     A Coral and Lapis Lazuli Ring, size Q £65-85
50.     A 9ct Gold Locket with photograph of young sailor, 5.9g £45-60
50A.    A Pair of 9ct Gold Garnet Earrings £40-60
50B.    A Pair of 9ct Chrome Diopside Earrings, boxed and with certificate £80-120
50C.    A Pair of 9ct Gold and Turquoise Earrings £40-55
51.     A .1ct Diamond Half Eternity Ring in precious white metal setting, size J.5, 2.1g £25-35
52.     An 18ct White Gold and Diamond Cluster Ring, size N, 3.7 g £150-200
53.     A 9ct Gold, Ruby and Diamond Ring, size K, 2g £50-65
54.     A Diamond Twist Three Stone Ring, size K.5, 3.4 g £120-160
55.     A 9ct Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Dress Ring, size K.5, 1.9 g £70-90
56.     An 18ct Gold and Diamond Ring, size M, 4g £150-200
57.     A Five Stone Diamond Ring, size M, 2.3 g £120-160
58.     An 18ct Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring, size J, 3.6g £140-180
59.     A 9ct Gold Ring with Hinged and Engraved Top, size R.5, 6.5 g £70-100
60.     An 18ct Gold and Platinum Five Stone Diamond Ring, size P.5, 2.6 g £150-200
60A.    A 9ct Gold Diamond Cluster Ring, size P, 1.7g £50-70
60B.    A 9K Gold and Tanzanite Ring, size L, 1.5g £80-120
61.     A Decorative 9ct Gold Wedding Band, size T.5, 2.6 g £30-45
62.     A Pair of Ruby and Diamond Cufflinks in a precious white metal setting, 7.8g £1200-1400
63.     An 18ct Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring, size R, 3.7g £160-220
64.     A Large Aqua Marine and Diamond Marquis Ring in a filigree white metal setting £2300-2550
65.     A Child's Natural Graduated Pearl Necklace, 1.5g £50-70
66.     A Pair of Emerald and Diamond Earrings, 3.2 g £450-550
67.     An 18ct Gold Diamond Ring, size K.5, 4.5g £220-260
68.     An Opal Five Stone Ring, size Q.5, 3.1 g £150-200
69.     A 22ct Gold and Jadeite Ring, size M, 7.2g £250-300
70.     An 18ct White Gold Diamond Ring, principal stone c. .25ct, size O, 2.1g £100-140
71.     A Gold Five Stone Diamond Twist Ring, size O.5, 2.5 g £200-260
72.     An 18ct White Gold Diamond Solitaire, principal stone c. .6ct, size L.5, 1.7 g £200-260
73.     An 18ct Gold .55 ct Diamond Cluster Ring, size T, 4.2 g £600-700
74.     A 14 K Gold Six Stone Gent's Ring, size V, 15.9 g £1000-1250
75.     A Gent's Diamond Cluster Ring, size R.5, 5.9 g £250-300
76.     An 18ct White Gold Ruby and Diamond Marquis Ring, size O.5, 7.3g £350-400
77.     An Antique Coral Pendant in the form of The Dove of Peace bearing an olive branch mounted with seed pearls, c. 6 cm drop £650-750
78.     An 18ct White Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring, c. 2ct, size L, 2.8g £4000-5000
79.     A Victorian Shell Cameo and Pearl Pendant decorated with the bust of a classical maiden, c. 42mm drop £70-100
80.     A Nineteenth Century Garnet Ring, size M.5, 3.6 g £30-50
81.     A 9ct Gold Garnet and Diamond Dress Ring, size P, 4.3 g £40-60
81A.    An 18ct Gold Conjoined Three Shank Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond Ring, size N.5, 6.1g £150-200
82.     A Modern 18ct Gold and Diamond Solitaire Ring, c. 65ct, size M, 5.5g £550-650
83.     An 18ct Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, size L, 2.9g £120-160
84.     A Platinum Cabochon Sapphire and Diamond Ring, diamonds c. .7ct, size M.5, 6.2g £2300-2600
85.     An 18ct Gold Diamond Flower Head Cluster Ring, the principal stone c. .75ct, size M, 5.5g £1400-1800
86.     An 18ct Gold and Platinum Flower Head Cluster Ring, the principal stone c. 1.25ct, size L.5, 4.7g £1700-2300
87.     A Pair of 18ct Gold Citrine, Diamond and Onyx Earrings, c. 60mm drop, 37.7g £700-900
88.     A Catherine Best Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant Necklace with pair of matching earrings in 18ct white and yellow gold settings (necklace 15.8g and earrings 8.1g), boxed £1000-1500
88A.    An 18ct White Gold 5.26ct Diamond Solitaire. The radiant cut stone estimated SI2/I1 J/K, size M, 6.1g £13000-16000
89.     A CWC Military Wristwatch £50-70
90.     A CWC Military Wristwatch £50-70
91.     A CWC Military Wristwatch £50-70
92.     A CWC Military Wristwatch £50-70
92A.    A Rolex Ref; 6694 Oysterdate Precision Gents Watch in steel case with champagne dial, 7835 steel bracelet, mechanical precision calibre movement, circa 1960's £1000-1200
93.     A Movado 18ct White Gold and Diamond Ladies Dress Watch on 18ct gold bracelet, 26.6g gross £550-650
94.     A 9ct Gold Gent's Wristwatch, c. 1950's, manual wind, running £100-150
95.     A Ladies Tudor 9ct Gold Cased Manual Wristwatch £50-80
95A.    A Brietling Stopwatch with 7 jewel movement £20-35
95B.    A Silver Cased Key Wind Pocket Watch £20-35
95C.    The Express English Lever Silver Cased Pocket Watch and Elgin pocket watch in gold plated case A/F £40-70
95D.    An Elgin Keyless Pocket Watch in gold plated case, A/F £30-50
95E.    A Cased Elgin 9ct Gold Cased Keyless Open Dial Pocket Watch, c. 1953, running. Engraved presentation inscription. £150-200
96.     VOSTOK Europe Gent's Wristwatch, boxed with tags: as new £110-150
96A.    Two 9ct Gold Ladies Wristwatches, A/F £30-45
96B.    A Swan 9ct Gold Ladies Wristwatch and two others £15-25
96C.    A 9ct Gold Ladies Watch A/F and yellow metal chain £15-25
97.     A RADIO Silver Cased Gent's Wristwatch, 15 jewel manual wind movement, needs attention £350-400
98.     A Nineteenth Century Repeating Pocket Watch, the back of the blacked steel case decorated with an applied medallion bearing a sphynx and the enamelled dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, keyless wind, running £350-400
99.     On Omega Gent's Wristwatch in steel case, c. 1950's, running £200-300
100.    A Chopard Mille Miglia Gent's Automatic Chronograph Wristwatch, running £1400-1800
100A.   A Rolex Oyster Perpetual Midi Bi Metal Wristwatch, boxes and with leather wallet and guarantee, running £1650-2000
101.    A Cartier Gent's Tank 18ct Gold Automatic Wristwatch, Ref. 1840, 144472CD, running £1800-2400
102.    A Cartier 18K Gold Ladies Wristwatch with quartz movement, papers dated 1.4.87 and leather wallet £1800-2400
103.    A Cartier Santos Moon Phase watch in yellow gold and stainless steel with quartz movement, 119902 00490 Circa 2000 £850-1000
104.    A Favre Leuba Deep Blue First Generation Gents Divers Watch with RARE original strap (part missing) c. 1960, automatic movement, running £1000-1500
106.    A Russian Silver Mounted Amber Necklace and matching brooch £150-200
107.    A Set of Graduated Bakelite Beads and one loose, 62.6 g £350-400
107A.   A Bakelite Bead Necklace, 44.9 g £100-160
107B.   A Bakelite Bead Necklace, 86.7 g £200-260
108.    An Amber Bead Necklace and Bracelet, 56.4 g £600-800
109.    An Amber Bead Necklace, 85cm, 37.2g, largest bead c. 17 x 14 mm £300-500
110.    A Graduated Butterscotch Amber Bead Necklace, 44cm, 55.5g, c. 2.5 x 2 cm £600-1000
111.    A Light Pink Coral Necklace 48cm 27g AND two others 30.5g £50-80
112.    A Graduated Coral Bead Necklace, 43cm, 26g, largest bead c. 9mm £300-360
113.    A 9ct Gold Seed Pearl and Aqua Marine? Pendant on chain, c. 4cm drop, 4.1g £70-100
114.    A 9ct Gold Lily Brooch, 2.3g £15-25
115.    A Sri Lankan Sapphire and Diamond Ring in .750 gold setting, size J.5, 5.2 £140-200
115A.   An 18ct Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Ring, size K.5, 2.6g £55-75
115B.   A 22ct Gold Wedding Band, 2.3g £50-65
116.    An 18ct Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring, size L.5, 1.5g £25-40
116A.   A 9ct Gold Amethyst and Seed Pearl Pendant Necklace, 3.6g £40-60
116B.   An 18ct Gold Three Pearl Ring A/F 4.1g and 9ct signet ring 1.9g £80-120
117.    Three 9ct Gold Rings, 5.1 g £40-70
118.    An 18ct Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring size O 2.2g and 9ct gold half eternity ring 1.4g £60-85
119.    A 9ct Gold Smoky Quartz Ring and 9ct Amethyst pendant, 13.8 g £100-150
119A.   9ct Gold Gate Link Bracelet and necklace, 19.3g £160-220
120.    A 2017 Gold Half Sovereign, COA and receipt £100-120
120A.   A 1983 Proof Half Sovereign COA boxed £120-160
120B.   A 1980 Proof Sovereign, cased £200-240
120C.   A 1982 Proof Half Sovereign COA, cased £120-160
121.    A Collection of George III and later Shillings £50-70
122.    1727, Great Britain. OFFICIAL CORONATION MEDAL OF QUEEN CAROLINE, WIFE OF GEORGE II. By John Croker £60-80
123.    A Collection of Silver and other Coins £40-70
124.    A Collection of George III and later Coins £40-70
124A.   A 1970 Great Britain and Norther Ireland Proof Coin Set, Crowns of Great Britain four coin set and two others £20-30
124B.   1977 Silver Crown COA boxed AND Silver Proof Charles and Diana 1981 Coins COA boxed £20-35
124C.   United Kingdom 1986 Silver Proof Piedfort One Pound Coin COA boxed and 1984 silver proof £1 coin COA, boxed £40-70
124D.   A United Kingdom 1987 Silver Proof Piedfort £1 Coin COA boxed and 1983 silver proof £1 coin COA boxed £40-70
125.    A Daguerreotype and Ambrotypes £40-60
126.    An Italian Miniature Portrait of a Military Officer in ivorine frame £40-60
127.    A Pair of Fine Continental Miniature Portraits on Ivory in gilt frames, nineteenth century, 8.5 x 7cm NO BIDDING FROM COUNTRIES WHERE IVORY IMPORT IS ILLEGAL £250-350
127A.   A Nineteenth Century Miniature Portrait of a lady in red leather case, 9 x 7 in. IVORY panel. NO BIDDING from counties where IVORY import is illegal £50-75
128.    A Sheaffer 585 Fountain Pen with 14K Nib and Watermans Cartridge Pen with 18K Nib £70-100
129.    A Collection of Parker and other Pens £30-50
130.    A Collection of Ronson, Omega and Magna Lighters, boxed and some unused £35-55
130A.   A Chrome Griffin Car Mascot, 11 cm, on stand £40-70
131.    Four Pairs of Tortoise Shell Lorgnettes £15-25
131A.   Royal Tank Regiment Badges, Dunhill lighter etc £40-70
131B.   A Rotating Prism Lense, other oddments and French compass £30-50
132.    A Collection of Military Badges and Buttons £25-40
133.    Five Silver ARP Badges £15-25
134.    A Collection of Masonic and RAOB Silver 'Jewels' £30-50
134A.   A Masonic Yorkshire West Riding Apron and Sash with 'jewel' and in leather case £40-60
135.    A Collection of Masonic and RAOB Silver 'Jewels' £30-55
136.    Lottie Buller's Autograph Book 1908 and onwards £30-50
137.    Rider's (1735), Cardanus Rider, R. Nutt 1735, full green leather binding with brass clasp £40-70
138.    The Modern Pocket Cattle Doctor, Derby: Thomas Richardson & Son 1844, cloth binding £60-100
139.    A Silver Plated Bossun's Whistle, Aide Memoir, papier mache snuff box and pocket telescope £20-35
140.    Small Silver Cylinder, fob pencils and seals (bone handles) £10-20
141.    Betty Davis Autograph, signed headed letter from Lyceum Theatre 1899 etc £20-30
142.    An Autograph Album: Lily Brayton, Oscar Asche, Gertrude Elliott, Forbes Roberton, Violet Vanbrugh, Martin Harvey, Marie Lohr, Lillah McCarthy, Margaret Lockwood, Gabrielle Ray, Sydney Fairbrother, Horace Mills, Max Wall, G.H. Elliott, B. Williams, George Robey, Billy Costello, Jane Carr, Anne Ziegler & Webster Booth, Max Bacon, Teddy Brown, George Wood, Cary Grant, Noni, Richard Murdoch, Margaret Scott and Beverley Sisters etc £100-160
143.    W.G. Grace Autograph £100-160
144.    Autograph Book: Beverley Sisters, Eric Morecombe, Ernie Wise, Stann Stennet, Enric Graico min, Pete Stewart, The Monarchs, The Healey Sisters, Rosemary Squires, Ken Dodd, Des O'Connor, Eve Boswell, Hank Marvin, The Shadows, Mike Yarwood, Hylda Baker, Frankie Howard, Max Bygraves etc £50-80
145.    A Neil Armstrong Autograph written on the back of a glass ashtray from Thermalite Lift-Off Campaign 15th February 1985 together with a Daily Mirror photograph of Neil Armstrong and another showing the ashtray and him autographing in front of the vendor's son. £500-750
146.    An 1890 Royal Law Warrant signed by Muir Mackenzie with wax seal and in Wickwar tooled red leather box £40-70
147.    A Phil Read Signed Photographic Print featuring his Augusta 52 Bike, on board, 53 x 42cm £30-50
148.    Signed Photo Autographs: Paul Daniels X 2, Fred Dibnah, Chas & Dave, The Searchers, The Troggs, Joe Brown, signed Joe Brown 'Brown Sauce', signed 'Wurzels' World', Richard Digance 'Rhymes' etc £20-35
149.    A Collection of Black and White Photographs of Race of Champions Brands Hatch 1979 £30-50
150.    A Large Collection of Black & White Photographs of British Grand Prix Silverstone 1979 £40-70
151.    Motor Racing Champions edited by Phil Drackett, Purnell & Son Ltd 1974 with the signatures of 12 Autographs including Jackie Stewart, Niki Lauder, James Hunt etc £100-160
152.    A Collection of Black & White Photographs from British Grand Prix Brands Hatch 1978 £30-50
153.    A Collection of Formula 1 Autographs: Jacques Laffite signed photographs, Talbot Gitanes phot pack etc £30-50
154.    A David Essex Silver Dream Machine signed photograph, other official photographs and Press Information sheets £20-35
154A.   A Collection of Items Relating to Dr. A.H. Cook who was in the team with Alexander Fleming discovering Penicillin including his microscope, early samples, photographs in the laboratory, personal photographs etc. £100-160
154B.   A Silver Presentation Bowl with hinged handles and inscribed 'Presented by Members of The Brewer's Society and The institute of Brewing to Dr. A.H. Cook Director Brewing Industry Research Foundation 1957-71', London 1945 import marks, LAO, 1379 g £320-400
155.    Grotesque Animals, E.W. Cooke, London, Longmans, Green & Co 1872 in green cloth boards, 1st Edition £1000-1600
156.    The Beatles Book Monthly 1980's and 90's, Club Sanwich, posters, Record Collector, etc £30-50
157.    Two Photograph Albums of Royal Navy, Family Photographs and Theatre Programmes, Steeplechase programmes, dance engagement cards from Grace Janes Mary Best of Wynford House, Maiden Newton, Dorset 1924-1930 including H.M.S. Hood Seamans Cap Tally (cap ribbon) 1925, Lord and Lady Wynford's Royal Garden Party Invitation 1925, Marine Review with Admiral Drax, Admiral Drax, Admiral James & Admiral Pound etc £350-550
158.    A Collection of Postcards of aeroplanes £30-50
158A.   A Collection of c. 400 Postcards and 500 photographs of Trains, buses, boats aeroplanes etc. £100-140
159.    A Sawfish Rostrum with 61 teeth brought back from Gulong Australia by Enid Viola Bucknole c. 1924, 142 cm long (two teeth damaged) CITES No. 564909/01 £400-600
159A.   A Hardy Bros. Palakona Regal Fairy no. 246936 Two Piece Fly Fishing Rod, 7ft. 10in. in Hardy Bros. soft sleeve £60-100
159B.   A Hardy Bros. The Uniqua 3 1/2in Fly Fishing Reel £40-70
159C.   A Taxidermy Gull in glass case £30-50
159D.   A Taxidermy Gull in glass case £30-50
160.    A Pair of WW2 RAF Leather Flying Gloves £40-60
160A.   A Black Bakelite Telephone 312L £30-40
161.    A WWI Sighting Telescope by R.& F. Beck Ltd., London 1916 No. 610 TEL F.A. (Mk IV and GEN. STAFF) with Siemans Brothers & Co. 1915 Fieldart Telstand Mk. II Tripod £100-160
161A.   A Thompson 'Tommy' .45 Calibre Sub-Machine, U.S. Model of 1928 A1, serial no. 451557 with magazine and new cert. £850-1000
161B.   A Smith Carona Springfield .30 calibre Rifle, serial no. 4761773 £830-900
161C.   An M1 Bolt Action Carbine .30 calibre, serial no. 3495089 with new cert. £600-700
161D.   A Springfield Self Loading Rifle .30 calibre, serial no. 5864281 with new cert. £1000-1200
161E.   A Smith & Wesson .38 Revolver, serial no. 917660 with leather holster and new cert. £550-650
161F.   A Colt .455 Revolver with leather holster, serial no. 139913, with new cert £550-650
161G.   A Colt .45 Semi Automatic Pistol, serial no. C17077, with leather holster and belt £900-1100
162.    A WWII Nazi German Luftwaffe Sword with blue leather scabbard, blade marked David Malsch 72 / 90 cm £200-300
162A.   A WWI Medal Pair awarded to 2. LIEUT. F. HAMMOND., Royal Army Veterinary Corp badges, etc £40-70
162B.   A Rare S.S. Jervis Bay Silver Plated and Enamel Napkin Ring by Mappin & Webb. 'To save the convoy she escorted, the armed merchant cruiser sailed straight into the line of fire of an attacking German warship. 190 killed & 65 survived £30-45
163.    Oil on Panel Maritime Scene, eighteenth century, 14 x 10 cm, framed and glazed £60-100
163A.   A Dixon & Son Copper Powder Flask, Webley Gun Cleaning Kit, reproduction ornamental flintlock pistol, two large bullets and Denix catalogue £20-35
163B.   A Pair of Spurs and bayonet with scabbard £20-35
163C.   A Reproduction Ornamental Navy Colt £20-35
163D.   A Reproduction Ornamental Revolver with holster £20-35
163E.   A Reproduction Ornamental Winchester Rifle £40-70
163F.   A .177 Air Rifle, serial no. BA95979 £30-50
163G.   A Nineteenth Century Air Rifle marked AD ARRENZ BIRMINGHAM PATENT 2540 £100-160
164.    John Wallace Tucker (British, 1808-1869), A Pair of Oils on Panel _ Exmouth Beach and Star Cross 1867 AND Shaldon Passage Boats by the Ness Rock Teignmouth 1867, gilt gesso frames, titled and signed verso, frame dimensions, 23 x 17.5 cm £250-350
165.    Mary & Jesus, oil on copper in gilt gesso frame, eighteenth century, frame size 27 x 24 cm £100-160
166.    A Nineteenth Century Gilt Gesso Relief Wall Plaque decorated with birds and squirrel, c. 71 x 67 cm £50-80
167.    Roy Perry, 'The Road to Upwey _ Dorset' , gouache, 48 x 30 cm, framed and glazed £20-40
168.    Roy Perry, 'Autumn Morning, nr. Sixpenny Hardley, gouache, 52 x 34 cm, framed and glazed £20-40
169.    Roy Perry, 'On The Somerset Levels', gouache, 52 x 32 cm, framed and glazed £20-40
170.    W.L. Wyllie, R.A., 1851-1931, The Clyde at Govan 1914, original pencil signed engraving, 49 x 20 cm, framed and glazed £150-200
171.    W.L. Wyllie, R.A., 1851-1931, WWI Bombardment of Warships, original pencil signed etching, 42 x 17 cm £80-120
172.    A Set of 129 Victorian Picture Cards, framed and glazed £50-80
173.    C. Nanscowen 1899, Coastal Scene, oil on canvas, 64 x 54 cm, framed £40-60
174.    H.H. Bingley, Coastal Scene, watercolour, 54 x 35 cm, framed and glazed £20-30
175.    E. R. Lamm, Vermillion River, oil on board, 34 x 24 cm, label verso, framed £30-50
176.    In The Manner of George Morland, Pastoral Scene, oil on canvas, eighteenth century in gilt gesso frame, 75 x 62 cm £100-160
177.    A Collection of Original Sketches, two signed D. Sinclair, largest 27 x 19 cm £60-100
178.    Masted Boats and Royal Navy Ship, unsigned watercolour, 47 x 29 cm AND Naval, Shipping & Fisheries Exhibition Earls Court 1905 original poster design £30-50
179.    John Nash RA (1893-1977), The Countryside Book January, original pen and ink illustration, 17.5 x 11 £200-300
180.    John Nash RA (1893-1977), The Countryside Book February, original pen and ink illustration, 18 x11 cm £200-300
181.    John Nash RA (1893-1977), The Countryside Book March, original pen and ink illustration, 17.5 x 10.5 cm £200-300
182.    John Nash RA (1893-1977), The Countryside Book April, original pen and ink illustration, 17.5 x 11 cm £200-300
183.    John Nash RA (1893-1977), The Countryside Book May, original pen and ink illustration, 17.5 x 11 cm £200-300
184.    John Nash RA (1893-1977), The Countryside Book June, original pen and ink illustration, 35 x 22 cm £200-300
185.    John Nash RA (1893-1977), The Countryside Book July, original pen and ink illustration, 17.5 x 11 cm £200-300
186.    John Nash RA (1893-1977), The Countryside Book August, original pen and ink illustration, 17 x 11 cm £200-300
187.    John Nash RA (1893-1977), The Countryside Book September, original pen and ink illustration, 17 x 11 cm £200-300
188.    John Nash RA (1893-1977), The Countryside Book October, original pen and ink illustration, 17.5 x 11 cm £200-300
189.    John Nash RA (1893-1977), The Countryside Book November, original pen and ink illustration, 28 x 16 cm £200-300
190.    Ian Ribbons, Two Pen and Ink Drawings 1957, 15 x 9 cm etc £100-160
191.    Walter Hoyle (British, 1922-2000), A Collection of Original Prints for a calendar etc £100-160
192.    Attrb. Thomas Burnett Worth (1827-93), Procession of Javelin Men...lead by Capt. Cook, watercolour, 36 x 18 cm £50-80
196.    ... CORDOBA, Laden Donkey and Child, Royal institute of Oil Painters label verso with indistinct details. Bought Princess Gallery Piccadilly c. 1960, 35 x 30 cm, framed £50-80
197.    William Walls, R.S.A., R.S.W. (1860-1942), Migdale... Monday 2nd Sep. 1912, watercolour, 40 x 26 cm £250-350
198.    ? Burrows 1870, 'Broomhill Farm Norton Lane' Worcestershire, oil on Windsor & Newton canvas, 44.5 x 34 cm, framed £250-350
200.    Early Longcase Clock Movement with replacement dial and case £100-140
201.    Nineteenth Century Mahogany Sideboard £40-70
202.    Nineteenth Century Mahogany Circular Tilt Top Pedestal Breakfast Table, 121 cm diam. £80-140
203.    A Victorian Mahogany Wind-out Extending Dining Table with turned legs and brass castors and single leaf, 121 x 115/164 cm £150-250
204.    An Edwardian Upholstered Chaise Longue £70-100
205.    An Edwardian Dentist's Chair £60-100
206.    A Victorian Gilt Gesso Overmantle Mirror, 130 x 93 cm £150-200
207.    A Nineteenth Century Japanese Chest of Drawers, c. 1860-80, 107(l) x 51(d) x 86(h) cm £100-160
208.    A Nineteenth Century Japanese Chest of Drawers, c. 1860-80, 91(l) x 44(d) x 91(h) cm £100-160
209.    A Nineteenth Century Japanese Tansu (matched), c. 1860-80, 88(l) x 38(d) x 144(h) cm £80-140
209A.   A 1960's Fibreglass Swivel Egg Chair in black with red upholstery £150-250
210.    A Set of Thirteen Puginesqe Gothic Oak Side Chairs, early 20th century £600-1000
211.    A Victorian Babies Cot £40-60
212.    A 1950's Doll's Pram £35-55
213.    An Eighteenth Century Mahogany Doll's Tester Bed Frame with mattress and bolster, 48 x 38 cm. Provenance: Belonged to Margaret Maskelyne Greenwich Observatory (daughter of the Astronomer Royal). £200-300
213A.   An Early Wooden Peg Doll with painted face and jointed limbs (losses) £50-80
214.    A Nineteenth Century Doll's Bed, 82 x 38 cm £40-70
215.    An 18th / 19th Century Oak Doll's Rocking Cradle, 50 cm long £60-100
216.    A Doll's Rocking Cradle, 52 cm £20-35
217.    A Victorian Doll's 3 Wheel Invalid Carriage, bought from Vectis £100-150
217A.   A Live Steam Hand Built Boat, 77 cm long £200-300
217B.   A Hand Built Wood and Canvas Boat, 68 cm long £30-50
218.    Four Crestley Collection 1:18 Scale Model Cars: Dodge Viper x 2, Ferrari F50 and Bugatti £40-60
219.    Danbury Mint Aston Martin 1964 DB5 and Shelby Cobra and Mini Cooper Crestley Collection 1:18 £30-50
220.    Goldshield Collectables Gold Porsche 911 703/9000 £60-100
221.    Goldshield Collectables Gold Jaguar XJ220 £60-100
222.    Goldshield Collectables Mercedes Benz 300s (1955) no. 17 £30-45
223.    Six Corgi Whizzwheels Formula 1 Cars: 152, 153 x 2, 154, 156 & 160 £60-100
224.    A Collection of Corgi Whizzwheels: 386x 2, 380, 394, 375, 372, 385, 312, 344, 386, 301, 316, 303 and 161, mint and boxed £100-160
225.    A Small Collection of Corgi: 159, 271, 341, 347 and 9041, mint & boxed £50-75
226.    A Collection of Corgi Formula 1 Cars: 152, 154, 155, 156 and 158. Mint and boxed £40-70
227.    Three Aurora Model Kits: 1934 Ford-Rolls Scat Cat 534-49, Ford T Dragster Spyder 535-49, Show Trailer 530-49 (all boxed and appearing complete), Merit model kit 1954/5 Simca Gordini (boxed and appearing complete) and two Brumm Revival die cast 9mint boxed) £60-100
228.    Static Model Trains, Corgi and other die cast £10-20
229.    Polistil and other Die Cast Motorbikes £15-25
230.    Lesney Major Scale Series N0.1 Massey Harris Tractor, near mint, box A/F £150-250
231.    A Collection of Dinky: 200 x 2, 202, 217, 223, 228, 215, 223, 226 & 476. Mint and boxed (some boxes A/F) £40-70
232.    A Collection of Dinky: 187, 188, 189, 208, 210, 220 & 224. Mint and boxed £30-50
233.    Fisher Price Two Tune TV London Bridge & Row Row Your Boat 1966, Music Box Record Player, 'Radio', Pelham Puppet SS Gypsy etc £15-25
234.    Selection of Lone Star Trains and track £50-70
235.    A Collection of 30 Airfix Mini Planes etc £40-75
236.    Hornby Dublo 3231 0-6-0 Diesel Electric Shunting Locomotive, boxed £100-160
237.    Hornby Dublo EDP2 Duchess of Atholl boxed train set £60-100
238.    Hornby Dublo EDP12 Duchess of Montrose Boxed Train Set, boxed near mint £120-180
239.    Hornby Dublo EDG7 LMS 6917 Train Set, boxed £30-45
240.    Dinky 290 Double Deck Bus in green Dunlop livery, boxed AND Observation Coach AND Matchbox New 17 The Londoner, boxed £15-25
241.    Five Minic Clockwork Toys: Tractor, Jeep, Dust Cart, Steam Roller and car, boxed with faults £40-60
242.    A Collection of Dinky: 266, 277, 282, 284, 308, 385, & 412, mint and boxed £60-90
243.    A Collection of Dinky: 180, 2 x 289, 404, 612 and Matchbox Superkings K-15, mint and boxed £30-50
244.    A Collection of Horby Dublo rolling stock, carriage, track and other accessories £60-100
245.    An Ivory Chess Set, kings 85mm pawns 35mm, counters etc in rosewood box £120-160
246.    A Mercedes-Benz Betriebsanleitung Hybrid Electric Bike, with owner's manual £100-180
247.    A Collection of Clay Pipes including Kitchener, Coronation etc arranged in a framed display £80-140
248.    Two Pairs of Eighteenth Century Sugar Nips £20-40
249.    An Eighteenth Century Elm Spice Chest carved with stylised foliate work and dated 1692, 39(w) x 21(d) x 37(h) cm £300-500
250.    A Set of Six Georgian Glass Rummers, 12 cm high and 10.5 cm diameter £400-600
251.    An Early West of England Exeter Lead Plaque, 24 x 18.5 cm, mounted on oak £100-160
252.    Grayson Electric Clock £30-50
253.    A French Onyx Four Glass Mantle Clock with enamel dial and mercury pendulum, 35 cm £200-250
254.    A Nineteenth Century Three Dial Clock incorporating aneroid barometer and thermometer, base 13 cm wide, needs attention £220-280
254A.   A Mappin & Webb Silver Carriage Clock with twin fusee striking movement. The silver case with chased foliate work and also to the backplate numbered 197/200. Height to top of handle 17.5 cm, with original hinged case and a key. London 1976 £2500-3500
255.    A Modern Mappin & Webb Quartz Carriage Clock £50-70
255A.   A Brass Carriage Clock, running £40-50
256.    A Bell Jar Hall Hanging Light Fitment, c. 49 cm drop plus chains £100-160
257.    A Decorative Five Branch Hanging Light Fitment £60-100
258.    A Nineteenth Century Ebony and Ivory Mounted Cylindrical Box, 10 cm high £50-70
259.    A Nineteenth Century Inuit Reindeer Bone Spoon carved with two deer and handle dated 1894 and also carved with deer and geometric patterns (with leather fragments) £200-300
260.    A Quartz Specimen with iron oxide formed into a polished globe, c. 13.5 cm diam., 3150 g £200-250
261.    A Kyanite Specimen, 35 cm, c. 2.7 kg £200-250
262.    A Beadwork Blackberry bunch and other oddments, by Anna Pain, late 18th / early 19th century £30-50
263.    A Beadwork Picture by Anna Pain, late 18th /early 19th century, c. 21 cm sq. £80-120
264.    An Eighteenth Century Silkwork Card Case decorated with geometric patterns £40-70
265.    A Rare Queen Caroline Triumph of Innocence 1820 Pin Cushion and Prince Leopold and Princess Charlotte pin cushion £80-140
266.    A Clarice Cliff Clog in Autumn pattern £200-250
266A.   Émile Gallé _ A Cameo Glass Atomiser, glass 13 cm high £250-350
266B.   A Lalique Papillon Cache with blue staining, 57 mm high £50-80
266C.   A Lalique Pimlico Lamp Base, overall 20 cm high £100-160
266D.   René Lalique _ An Actina Opalescent Plate, Model: 10-391 circa 1933, 28 cm £150-250
266E.   René Lalique _ An Owl Mounted on a black glass base stenciled R. Lalique, 12 cm high £100-160
266F.   René Lalique _ Naiades Opalescent Strut Clock with green patina, with 8 day movement, running £1500-2000
267.    A W. Moorcroft Hibiscus Vase, 31 cm £250-350
268.    The Carpet Seller _ A Figural Table Lighter, 19 cm high £120-160
269.    A Bergman Style Cold Painted Bronze Orientalist Figural Group depicting North African boys on a carpet, 16 cm long £250-300
269A.   Alexandre Vibert _ A Silvered Bronze Nude on a marble base, signed and with Jollet & Cie Paris foundry marks, 20 cm £100-160
269B.   An Art Deco Illuminated Opalescent Glass and Spelter Bird, 45 cm high, 56.5 cm wide £100-160
270.    A Charlotte Rhead Crown Ducal Charger decorated with flowers, 36 cm £60-100
271.    A Charlotte Rhead Crown Decal Floral Decorated Lustre Charger, 43 cm £100-160
272.    A Royal Doulton Stoneware Decorative Vase, 15 cm high £15-25
273.    A Wendy Mason Charger decorated with dog rose, inscribed to the back and dated 1995, 38 cm £30-50
274.    A Wendy Mason Charger decorated with honeysuckle, inscribed to the back and dated 1995, 39 cm £30-50
275.    A Wendy Mason Cheese Dome and Stand decorated with honeysuckle, inscribed to the back and dated 1995, 24 cm diam. £30-50
276.    A Wendy Mason Charger decorated with strawberries and blossom, inscribed to the back and dated 1995, 39 cm £30-50
277.    A Wendy Mason Fruit Bowl decorated with honeysuckle, inscribed to the back and dated 1995, 37 cm diam. £30-50
277A.   Eight Art Nouveau Tiles, 6in. £50-70
278.    A Ripulla Rome Maiolica Mask Jug, 27 cm high £30-50
279.    Three Toby Jugs £120-160
280.    A Modern Studio Pottery Vase decorated with figures and with cover, 46 cm £100-160
281.    A Rare Eighteenth Century Creamware TAMARINDS Apothecary Jar, 29 cm £500-700
282.    A Carlton Ware Coffee Set decorated in 3592 Gazania pattern £250-350
282A.   A Pair of Moorcroft Lustre Bowls with silver plated rim and handle by William Hutton, 12 cm diam. £40-70
282B.   Six Moorcroft Vases and pepper pot £60-100
282C.   Eleven Moorcroft Miniature and Small Bowls £60-100
283.    A Siddy Langley Glass Vase, 20 cm £35-55
284.    A Siddy Langley Glass Bottle with stopper, 23 cm £35-55
284A.   A Nailsea Glass Flask, 17.5 cm £20-35
285.    An Eighteenth Century Enamel Box £40-60
285A.   A Martin Brothers Arts & Crafts Ceramic and Brass Inkwell on a wooden base, faint incised marks dated 1909 £100-140
286.    A Chinese Bronze Censer with six character Xuande Mark but later, 12 cm diam., 550g £50-80
287.    A Chinese Bronze Censer with mask handles and stylised foliate decoration, raised on three legs and with cover, 16cm diam., 17cm high £150-200
288.    An Eighteenth Century Chinese Blue and White Vase with four character mark to base, 17cm high A/F £30-50
289.    A Chinese Light Blue Vase, mark to base, 23 cm £60-100
290.    An Eighteenth Century Chinese Porcelain Immortal, 21 cm £50-75
291.    An Eighteenth Century Chinese Famille Verte Table Screen the circular panel decorated with scene of traveller being greeted in front of a house and in a pierced wooden stand, 56(h) x 46(w) cm £160-240
292.    A Pair of Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Jardinieres, 9 cm high £40-60
293.    A Chinese Blue and White Vase, four character mark, 29 cm £50-70
293A.   A Pair of Nineteenth Century Chinese Cloisonné Enamel Vases, 21 cm £40-70
294.    A Chinese Carved Censer, 17 cm wide £40-60
295.    A Chinese Famille Rose Sleeve Vase, 28cm £60-80
296.    A Yixing Teapot in the form of a boat AND seal £90-120
297.    A pair of Chinese Blue and White Ginger Jars with wooden covers, 22 cm £80-140
298.    A Chinese Water Pipe with chased decoration of prunus and birds, signed £40-60
299.    An Archaic Style Bronze Censer raised on tripod feet, 15cm diam. and 21.5cm high, 2980 g £150-200
300.    A Mother of Pearl Inlaid Decorative Knife, 41 cm £40-60
301.    An Oriental Carved, Pierced and Mother of Pearl Inlaid Frame with silk embroidery panel, 68 x 42 cm £60-100
302.    A Chinese Wooden Plaque carved as a deer mask and mounted with real antlers, c. 93 x 44 cm £100-160
303.    A Collection of Chinese Paintings on Silk £30-50
304.    A Pair of Chinese Paintings on pith 9.5 x 6cm, and frame with modern print £20-35
305.    A Chinese Canton Enamel Hinged Box, 12.5 a 6.5 cm £30-50
306.    A Chinese Cloisonné Elephant and box £50-70
307.    A Small Chinese Clay Teapot decorated with figures and gilt highlights, impressed mark £30-50
308.    A Japanese Bronze Vase converted to lamp £35-50
309.    A Chinese Cloisonné Tripod Censer with cover 13.5 cm high and two modern birds £120-180
310.    An Antique Oriental Carved Ivory Handle decorated with birds and signed, 17.5 cm £100-140
310A.   A Chinese Tortoiseshell and Silver Compact decorated with fenghuang £60-80
311.    A Chinese Bronze Censer with lug handles and on stand, the base of the censer with apocryphal six character Xuande marks but probably eighteenth century. Aged patina to the interior and base of stand and little sign of dulling to the base of the censer as would be expected from standing on the stand, 17.5 cm to handles and 11 cm high. Censer 1910g and stand 877g (2787g) Provenance: brought in by a local lady and in the family for two generations. £1200-1800
312.    A Pair of Chinese Silk Embroidery Panels decorated with birds and flowering plants, 53 x 10 cm, framed & glazed £60-100
313.    A Chinese Famille Rose Charger decorated with warriors, four character mark, 37 cm £400-500
314.    South Western Railway May 1891 Timetable including the new double line between Lidfrod, Tavistock, Devonport and Plymouth 57 x 45 cm £50-80
315.    Great Western Railway Barnstaple Fair Day Trip Excursions Leaflet, Cruchley's Devonshire OS Map A/F), BR 1950 rule book, Regulations for Train Signaling etc £20-35
316.    A Photographic Print of BUDLEIGH SALTERTON Westcountry Class 4-6-2 Locomotive, 29 x 12 cm F&G £30-50
317.    EXMOUTH A Painted Cast Locomotive Name Plate from West Country Class 4-6-2 Pacific Type no. 21C115 Southern. Built under commission from Mr. Chris Down mayor of Exmouth in 1945 and scrapped in South Wales April 1967. It was presented to the Exmouth Council in 1970. The other nameplate is a museum exhibit.160 x 28cm £8000-14000
318.    A Photograph of Westcountry Class Locomotive 'EXMOUTH' with inscription. Presented by British Rail to Exmouth Council 1970 along with the nameplate (sold by the council some years previously) £60-100
319.    Six Railway Carriage Paper Window Banners for Barnstaple Junction, Tipton St. John, Plymouth Friary, Ilfracombe, Exmouth Branch and Exeter Central £40-70
320.    A Pre 1948 Railway Enamel Sign which would have been displayed at Exeter Central Station 'NOTICE LYMPSTONE PASSENGERS JOIN FRONT OF TRAIN CLYST ST. MARY HALT AND ST. JAMES' PARK HALT PASSENGERS IN REAR COACHES. 122 X 61 cm, unrestored. Clyst St. Mary Halt closed 27th Sept. 1948. £600-1000
321.    A Rare Southern Railway 'CHEAP TRIPS FROM THIS STATION' Display Board, 75(h) x 69(w) £250-350
322.    A Green British Railways Enamel Sign, 69 x 15 cm £50-80
323.    A Green Railway PARCELS & GOODS STORE Door Sign on fibreboard, 46 x 15 cm £50-80
324.    A Green Railway GENTLEMEN Double Sided Enamel Platform Sign with heavy wooden frame, 85 x 35 cm £200-300
325.    A British Rail Station Direction Sign, c. 1970's £40-70